13 November 2011

Karl's Magic Workshop.

CHANEL Holiday Windows at Printemps
Photo by Olivier Zahm Via Purple Diary

I love the holidays in Paris. Who doesn't want their holidays to be filled with CHANEL?

12 November 2011

10 November 2011

Current Obsession

Gunmetal Glitter Sneakers by Miu Miu
These are a recent purchase that I grow more and more obsessed with by the day. I had gotten away from sneakers a while ago, but I just couldn't resist these.

08 November 2011

Style Envy

Photo of Karmen Pedaru
Via Stockhom-Streetstyle.com

Love this image of Karmen Pedaru. Her look is so simple, but uber-chic. Also, several seasons later those Valentino's still hold up, non?